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Computer Parts


This page is a map to the pages about the various parts of a homebuilt computer. Please click on the links to go to the individual pages.

Choosing parts carefully is one of the most important stages of any computer-building project. You will want to research not only the parts themselves, but also how well they get along with each other. Conflicts between PC hardware are unusual, but not rare.

So begin your research with the pages on your site, but also research the parts you are considering on computer-building forums like PC Part Picker, or ask your geeky friends for suggestions. You also can choose to start with a "barebones" system that includes most of the major parts, and then customize the rest to your liking.

If you are starting your homemade computer building project using a barebones computer kit, then some or most of these parts will be included with the kit; so double-check before you double-buy.

The menu on the bottom of this page links to the pages on this site about various parts. Where a part has more than one page devoted to it, the menu links to the first page. If you get lost, you can always come back here to find your way. Have fun!


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