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Please be aware that some of these downloads are quite large and may not be possible, or may take many hours, using a dialup connection.

All of the programs listed on this page are offered as-is, with no warranties, expressed or implied.


Tux Racer 0.61 Download size: 8 MB. Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP

Tux Racer Originally written for the Linux operating system and licensed under the GPL, Tux Racer is an addictive little 3-D racing game that is played by using the cursor buttons to guide a penguin, sliding on his belly over the snow, through various terrains, while trying to catch herring. Well... you have to try it to understand. This is the very last version that was freely available under the GPL. Newer versions are commercial software and cannot be obtained for free.

Important: Tux Racer is a resource-intensive game that requires a fairly fast system. Minimum system recommendations include a 500 MHz cpu, 128 MB of RAM, a good-quality 3D video card that supports Open GL, and a decent audio card. TuxRacer also requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or later; if you don't already have it, you can get it here or by visiting the Windows Update site. You should also make sure you have the latest and greatest drivers for your video card.

Known issues:

1. Some visitors have reported not being able to control the mouse while trying to run TuxRacer on Windows XP computers with Intel integrated video on Intel 800-series chipsets, using the "stock" drivers included on the Windows XP CD. Downloading new drivers from Intel resolved the issues.

2. Many of the "stock" XP drivers for ATI 128-series video cards do not support Open GL, and will result in very choppy performance when trying to run Tuxracer. Downloading the recommended ATI drivers generally solves the problem.

3. Remember that this is old software, and was beta when it was new. There may be issues on newer Windows versions.



gnuChessis a challenging, free chess game licensed under the GPL. This download is packaged as a self-extracting executable. This is a small file that should download very quickly, even on a dialup connection.




CelestiaCelestia is a free, real-time space simulator. Not really a "game," per se, Celestia is like a three-dimensional planetarium that lets you travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond our galaxy. The interface makes it simple for you to navigate throughout the universe at any speed you wish.

Celestia was written by Chris Laurel and is licensed under the GPL. You can find the source code (as well as Linux and Mac versions of Celestia) here. You do not need the source code to install Celestia.


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