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Free Office and Productivity Downloads


Please be aware that some of these downloads are quite large and may not be possible, or may take many hours, using a dialup connection.

All of the programs listed on this page are offered as-is, with no warranties, expressed or implied.


Open is the open-source version of Sun Microsystems' popular StarOffice suite. An excellent, polished, complete office suite, it includes a word processor, spreadsheet, HTML editor, presentation and drawing programs, and many other features.

Note: This is a very large download. Please don't attempt to download this program on a dial-up modem. is an open-source project licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and the Public Documentation License.



AbiWord is a full-featured word processor licensed under the GPL. It has lots of nice features and is suitable for most any word processing task. It is available in many languages and is capable of many advanced word processing functions.



WorkRaveWorkRave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of repetitive strain injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts users to take micro-pauses and rest breaks, and restricts daily limits.

In addition to helping home users to avoid injury from excessive keying, WorkRave is highly configurable and can help employers protect their employees from disabling and costly injuries.


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